Multi-Disciplinary Design

Our Services

As a multidisciplinary design firm, WDA offers a full range of services in architecture, engineering, interior design and planning. From start to finish, our team has the experience, capabilities and collaboration skills needed to help make your next project a seamless, engaging process. We are experienced in new building and renovation projects. We take pride in our ability to provide forward-thinking spaces that are well-planned, durable, budget-friendly and welcoming for generations to come.

Our diverse firm of professionals from all disciplines and fields of design help create opportunities that encourage new questions, new possibilities and innovative ideas. At WDA, we are committed to continual investment in training and technology. The result is a team of CAD and BIM proficient, LEED accredited experts that remain on the leading edge of design. With a wealth of talent and experience, we deliver reliable, cost-effective and innovative solutions for our clients.

  • Architecture

    Specializing in intelligent and sustainable design for education and public clients, WDA aims our expertise and creativity at delivering solutions that help others envision and create a better future.  We begin with a deep understanding of our clients’ mission and vision and a comprehensive investigation of their goals. At WDA, our success is measured by the success of our clients and we are excited to be a partner in bringing more brilliant ideas to our community.

  • Engineering

    WDA’s in-house structural engineers are a team of highly technical professionals that bring skills well-suited to repair and renovation projects. Our technical expertise in evaluating existing conditions and providing an economical solution has been successful on numerous projects including window replacements and exterior envelope repairs.

  • Interior Design

    WDA’s interior design team works closely with the project team to achieve seamless integration of building interior and exterior while delivering comprehensive expertise to every client. We offer a full range of integrated interior design services on every project. Our interior design team works closely with our project architect, project manager, clients, consultants, contractors and vendors to implement strategic interior design for your project.

  • Planning

    WDA collaborates with our clients to achieve common goals for strategy, sustainability, and flexibility for long-term growth. Aesthetic, functional, and budgetary needs are balanced to plan environments with a sense of place.